an ode to Koval dry gin

I really, really like gin. Especially the dry gin from Koval. 

I received a bottle of this sweet sweet nectar for my birthday last year, and it took me far too long to crack it open. First of all the packaging is phenomenal. The label is beautiful and looks wonderful sitting on your bar cart, counter top, or left fist. The bottle weight is also really nice. It's easy to hold and even easier to pour from. There was no weird spillage or odd gurgling but just a fresh splash as the elixir hit the glass. This gin has a beautiful aroma, it doesn't smack you in the face but rather wafts gently over your senses. The flavor is simple yet robust. I could lie and tell you that I recognize the particular profiles and notes that one experiences, but honestly they blend so perfectly that the specifics just go right over my head. It makes a mean gin and tonic, mixes with the bodega juice choices, and blends flawlessly into a gimlet. This is a superhero gin that will get you where you need to go *wink, wink* but will make the journey just as enjoyable. *Cheers all!*