DryHop, Skip and a Jump

Tuesdays are always better with booze and flowers! After a fun adventure at the conservatory I enjoyed delicious food and beverages at DryHop Brewers. Sitting inside at the bar with the warm sun filling space and a soft breeze sneaking through the open windows, we knew we were posting up for a while. 

 Photo From Yelp

Photo From Yelp

First round was a brew called Jet Jaguar. I found it fresh and easy drinking, so of course the second round was the same! 

Classified as an American Pale Ale packing a 6.2% ABV this little cutie left me feeling funky fresh after two chilled glasses. It had that perfectly tangy flavor that accompanies a hoppy beer. Normally not my favorite the bitterness was balanced freshly with strong notes of lemon and good malty presence. I found this guy very well balanced and incredibly enjoyable. 

I also smashed a Buttermilk Fried Chicken sandwich so fast no photo evidence remains. 


Also consumed was the delightful Peachy-Keen cocktail. It consisted of Gin, Lime Cordial, Fresh lime juice and Peach Bitters. I love a good peach anything but its so very easy to be left with that soapy artificial flavor. This on the other hand did not disappoint. The lime was the main flavor and the peach bitters instead of a juice kept everything subtle and fresh. Served sans garnish in a lovely coup shaped glass these beauties were easy to down pretty quickly. 

All in all DryHop Brewers is a great place to sit back and relax with good beer and a good friend. There is also local art on the walls and some very friendly bartenders to keep the visit fun.      11/10 will be returning for more food and libations. 

Also enjoy some pictures from my trip to the conservatory!