Crush it, Sun Crusher

Hello spring thank you for joining us! Rev brew just launched a delicious little treat to help celebrate warmer days and sunny skies. I was able to imbibe this delightful brew at the wonderful place that is C2E2. 

As the can states this is a hopped up wheat beer. It is very refreshing with tons of citrus notes and a 5.3% ABV. It is an easy drinking beer that would be great for a day at the beach or your slightly prohibited roof top hang out area. It has a light amber color but seeing as it was consumed out of a green plastic stein with a beer themed super hero emblazoned on it that's a little unclear. It a nice sharp bitterness upfront that mellows out very quickly. It pairs well with comic con chicken fingers and tired feet, but also any classic warm weather foods. 

How to Drink it:

  • with friends
  • alone with snacks
  • solo riding
  • shower beer
  • at C2E2
  • without pants
  • NOT with socks and sandals


Since I enjoyed this lovely beer at comic con please enjoy these photos of my super nerdy weekend!