Not a problem *solution essence*

Lets say hello to the belif Problem Solution Essence. 

Alrighty guys this is something I would never have expected to enjoy. Its an essence, serum and treatment in one. Its simple and easy to use and has worked wonders on my skin. I was dealing with a particularly persistent break out for about a week. Normally a spot treatment and a good mask will do the trick but this breakout kept cropping up. I pulled this out of my cabinet with a sense of trepidation and slathered it on. I used it morning and night for 3 days while keeping the rest of my routine very streamlined. I felt a difference right away and saw results the second morning. It kept the splotchy redness at bay and helped smooth things out which made makeup application a breeze. I have continued to use it as part of my morning routine as it isn't quite enough hydration for my nighttime skin needs. I use about a pump and a half and top it off with my moisturizer. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean, and there is no sticky residue. It helps to lightly hydrate while working double time to fight acne and keeps the skin looking matte not dull. 

Good for:

oillines, acne, redness

Skin types:

Oily, Sensitive *although I am very dry and really enjoy this*