Skin Laundry, Laundry for your skin

This little baby is a new addition to my cleansing arsenal.

Skin Laundry has a few different cleansing formulas. This option is meant to be used daily, morning and evening. It is not a makeup removing cleanser. 

How to use:

  • Apply a small amount onto damp skin and gently massage
  • Rinse with warm water and pat dry
  • Follow with toner.
  • Use morning and evening. 

First Impressions:

This cleanser has a luscious gel texture straight out of the bottle. It smooths beautifully over damp skin and has a clean fragrance, clearly reminiscent of fresh laundry. I massaged it gently into my skin and felt it getting more creamy, but I wouldn't say there is an aggressive amount of foaming. I followed with my Clarisonic using the radiance brush head. The cleanser foamed up much more when using the brush, but again it was more of a creamy, fluffy texture rather than tons of bubbling foam. I used too much cleanser but in the sense I could have gotten away with using half and had the same results. after rinsing and drying my skin felt soft but had the slight tightness that comes with dry skin after cleansing. 

Second Time Around:

So far so good. I used roughly half of what I used the first time and still got a wonderful lather. My skin is still soft and clear. There doesn't seem to be any excessive dryness happening yet and there are no signs of a breakout. 


I continued to use this for the rest of the week and my skin is so clear and soft. It is probably going to feel wonderful in the summer when the weather is a little more humid, but this has definitely been added to the line up.