Milk not a Shake but a Peel

*In a Billy Mays voice* you want glow? you want soft skin? you want hydration? you want exfoliation? Here's a peel that does it all!! 

This little peel is a bit of a miracle worker. It provides a gentle yet effective peel to dull, dry or sensitive skin. It helps eradicate flaky skin, splotchiness and uneven tone. The double sided cotton provided makes for an easily customizable peel depending on the person or how your skin is feeling that day. 


In The Box:

The peel and a box of the coordinating cotton

How to Use:

Give the bottle a good shake and saturate the cotton. The rough side for oily skin or a deeper scrub, the soft side for dry skin or a gentler peel. The packaging says to rinse, but a sweep of toner is all the skin needs. 


Exfoliators: Lactic and Salicylic acid

Hydrators: Coconut milk, Panthenol, Squalene, and Allantoin 

Brighten: Glutathione

Other Tips:

I love 'rinsing' or following with the Beauty Water from Son & Park for added softness. I skip my strong active serums on these nights, so no retinol or active anti-aging serums. I then slather on layers of hydration to lock in the fresh softness.