It's Maskin' Time

As you may or may not know my skin is in the middle of a freakout. After much detective work I think the problem stems from a dirty beauty blender and a new serum. To combat these little pimply buggers I busted two masks out that I haven't used in a while. 

Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque

ft. amazonian white clay 

a purifying and detoxifying mask that also minimize pores

dear Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Mask

ft. organic cotton and botanicals

hydrates, soothes, controls oil, balancing 

After a light cleanse with the Son & Park Beauty Water I applied the Kiehl's mask with a flat brush in a thin but opaque layer. Immediately I felt a slight burning sensation, but on par with an intense cooling feeling than an intense reaction. I decided to see where this would go and left the mask on. The burning feeling dissipated very quickly and the mask dried down in 10 minutes just like the directions said it would. I removed the mask with a warm wet washcloth instead of a full rinse. My skin was pink but nothing too intense. It felt dry as it often does after detox masks but not super tight. I decided to put on a moisturizer and wait a little bit before doing the second mask 

Fast forward four hours, one hot shower and a cup of Haagen- Dasz later it was time for mask number two. I opted for the Klairs sheet mask. This guy is ultra hydrating but still balancing on the skin. It doesn't overwhelm while it also deeply hydrates. This little beauty feels ultra refreshing and even after the allotted 20 minutes there was still a good amount of serum left on my skin. I massaged in what was left, and then after brushing my teeth patted in the serum remaining from the packet.

I followed with the Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped cream and the Peter Thomas Roth acne spot and area treatment, with a PTR zit sticker on this planet zit developing on my right cheek.

I woke up with my skin feeling a touch dry but overall improved. Believe it or not there was significantly less red splotchiness and the blemishes were all significantly smaller. 

All in all this combo worked wonders! My skin may not be perfectly clear but it is heckin' smooth and soft! Makeup application is going to be a breeze and I can tell things are on the mend. 


 my skin the next morning, does not feature planet zit on my other cheek

my skin the next morning, does not feature planet zit on my other cheek

grace ann watson