Mask Me to Your Leader

Hello Earthlings! I have arrived today to tell you all about the out of this world Saturn mask. This little green baby is here to zap away your zits and sooth away irritation. 


What it is:

A sulfur based acne eliminating mask

What it does:

utilizes several different acne fighting ingredients to clarify and soothe the skin. Helps fight hormonal acne, acne rosacea and inflamed blemishes. 

What its full of:

10% Sulfur: to vacuum dirt and toxins out of the skin fighting several forms of acne like blackheads, cystic blemishes and whiteheads. 

4% Niacinamide: helps to improve congestion and soothe surface redness

1% Zinc PCA: helps absorb excess oil for a soft matte finish to the skin without overdrying



Put this mask right on your face. This bad boi is bomb. It doesn't have a thick mud/ clay texture like most clarifying masks, making it super easy to apply but also to remove. With all the ingredients listed above you'd think this mask would stink but nah. It also contains tea tree oil which helps with the fragrance but happens to help clarify as well. On my skin it does have a cooling sensation which sometimes is a bit extreme, but that being said there is never any irritation. This mask rinses quickly leaving behind soft skin with no redness. The results have been mixed but always good most times great. You can also use this as a spot treatment overnight which is literal magic. 

All in all 11/10 would recommend. This mask with clear skin up while minimizing irritation so you get instant results and benefits over time!