Wash Away That Whole New Face!

Lets talk about some great cleansing options now that makeup season is upon us! Obviously first up is halloween, which can be touted as the most makeup heavy. I love a good dramatic look! All images are from my Instagram

On days like Yzma and the 20's fortune teller I have legit blocked out eyebrows and eyelash glue aplenty, on twiggy and poison apple we're talking loads of waterproof eyeliner and on the 7/11 day I used tons of red tones that can stain the skin. 

I used the same core routine to remove these faces with a little extra elbow crease for the tougher bits. 

Step 1:

Oil Cleanse! This is gonna break down all the extra make up you've put on your face. From Elmer's glue to 13 layers of black eyeliner oil cleansers will start the break down process perfectly. My current fave is the Green Clean from Farmacy. It uses a blend of 3 different oils and a touch of papaya to melt away layers of dirt, grime and makeups. 


Step 2:

Gel Cleanse is the way to go! Normally I follow with a hydrating or creamy cleanser but a gel cleanser will be better at grabbing anything left on the skin. Especially when paired with a clarisonic this second cleanse will obliterate any traces left behind. The Dermaclear Micro Gel Cleanser from Dr. Jart is a dream. The lightweight gel feels refreshing but not stripping on the skin so it won't throw your normal routine out of whack!


Step 3:

Bonus clean up round. This is where a few QTips and a micellar water are very handy. Whether its a trace of eyelash glue,  a little smudge of eyeliner left behind, a few brow hairs clinging to some Elmer's a drop of micellar water on the end of a QTip with little back and forth sweeps will pick up anything left behind. The Sephora collection micellar water is swell! 


These 3 steps are crucial to to making sure the skin is left clean before the rest of your routine. Its the great way to prevent breakouts that come from too much makeup wear!

Step 4:

Nows the time to follow with the rest of your routine. A good hydrating toner, a serum of choice and a good ole moisturizer to keep everything in check! Check out my Fall Weather Skincare tips for recommendations. 

What looks are you planning for the coming Holidays?