Sweet Baby Facial

Last night's routine left my skin so soft and so supple. My face as a whole has been really angry with me for the past week or so. I'm talking planet sized pimples, red patches everywhere and and overall dullness, so I decided to attack with a one-two punch of resurfacing and hydration. 

Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sakuri Babyfacial

who its good for:

  • all skin types
  • sensitive, proceed carefully

how to use it:

  • apply a thin layer to clean dry skin
  • leave on 20 minutes
  • rinse with warm water and pat dry
  • follow with a few drops of marula oil 

whats in it

  • 25% AHA Blend ( tartaric, lactic, citric ) 
  • 2% BHA Salicylic acid
  • pumpkin ferment extract: exfoliating
  • gram/ chickpea flour: balancing and brightening
  • matcha, milk thistle and apple extract: soothing and conditoning with anti-pollution properties 


image from sephora.com

image from sephora.com

what it does:

a resurfacing mask that doesn't irritate to help with texture, fine lines and uneven skin tone

Guys this stuff is magic. This was the second application I've done with this and I have to say I continue to be impressed. The first time I used it I left it on for only 10 minutes and I still saw beautiful results. If your skin is very sensitive start slow with this one. I definitely felt a tingling sensation and I was very aware the mask was on my face, but it was never too aggressive or uncomfortable. I left it on for the full 20 minutes and used barely warm water to rinse it off. My skin was instantly softer and the red patches were significantly reduced. I will say my blemishes (that I messed with) were very red afterwards but with no irritation around it. Instead of following with the Marula oil and moisturizer I did a much needed hydration mask. 

image from sephora.com

image from sephora.com

what it does:

an ultra moisturizing gel sheet mask that deeply rehydrates while helping with texture and firmness in the skin 

Farmacy Deep Moisture coconut gel mask

who its good for:

  • combo
  • normal
  • dry
  • sensitive

how to use it

  • apply to clean dry skin
  • let sit for 20-25 minutes
  • remove gel sheet
  • massage in excess serum

whats in it:

  • cucumber extract: contains vitamin c for more resilient skin
  • coconut gel: natural moisture
  • Echinacea GreenEnvy: patent pending super potent collagen boosting antioxidant


This mask was extra refreshing after the DE Babyfacial. I knew my skin was in need of deep moisture and this dude did the trick. One thing to know about these masks is they can be very tricky to put on. There are two layers of mesh or plastic to protect the mask in the pouch, and I unfortunately removed the wrong one before application. I tried to lay the mask on my face and peel off that second layer but it was a little to stiff and lifted the mask off leaving me with a wrinkled mess that kept sticking to itself. After a couple loud expletives and a few minutes of delicate unsticking I had the mask situated. It stuck beautifully to my face and I did a nice little countertop reorganization during the 25 minutes I left it on. Once removed I massaged in the remaining serum, patted on 4 drops of Marula Oil, and slathered on the DE Lala Retro whipped face cream. I finished the routine off with a little PTR spot treatment and slept my troubles away.

Enjoy the photo of my face in the coconut gel mask and my counter organization project results!