Cucumber Heckin' Cleanser

Okay ladies and gents I'm here to chat about a new thing I put on my face that I really, really liked.

It's the brand spanking new Cucumber Herbal Cleanser from Kiehl's. This little dude is a gel- lotion foaming cleanser that utilizes cucumber to soothe and lightly hydrate and plant-based glycerin to keep everything balanced. 

How to use:

  • apply a small amount to fingertips
  • massage into damp skin in upward motions
  • avoid immediate eye are
  • rinse off extra cleanser

Who its good for:

  • all skin types 
  • especially for dry or sensitive types


  • is safe for the eyes just don't get it all up in the actual eyeball zone
  • soap and sulfate free


First Impressions:

I used WAAAAAYYYY too much of this bad boy. It was close to a nickel sized dollop and it would not stop foaming. I'm talking full foam/ lather up into the nostrils, which wasn't that bad because I'm obsessed with how this smells! It left my skin velvety soft and feeling clean not stripped. The gel- lotion texture is exactly that, its a thick gel that has the softness of a lotion and it dispenses very slowly from the tube. 

Second Time Around:

I used an appropriate amount of cleanser this time so no bubble- nose situation to deal with. I paired it with my clarisonic... and damn y'all this is rull nice. my skin felt so soft and velvety and not stripped but still clean. I also rubbed a little around the eye are to remove the *single coat of mascara* and it all came off with zero irritation. 

** I literally had on spot concealer and a swipe of the urban decay mascara to run to the grocery store and I really wasn't feeling a double cleanse scenario. Paired with the clarisonic I felt this did the trick in one go. 


Literally obsessed with this. Its going to be a mainstay in my summer skin line up. It kept my skin feeling soft and hydrated through the remainder of a shower including hair messing and body lotion application prior to my nighttime skin routine. It has a light cucumber scent that is a little peppery almost (obviously this is the herbs) that keeps it invigorating. Even though it hydrated there was no weird residue and it pairs well with both my night and morning skin routines. Give this a go if you're looking for a new summer cleanser that feels clean but not stripping.