Face Mask Friday!

Look at this lovely mask! The Karuna Clarifying + Face Mask is a dream for dry and acne prone skin. **Disclaimer** I did this mask while visiting my parents down in Texas about two weeks ago so I could test it out in hawt hawt hawt weather, and lemme tell it is a dream. 

Karuna Clarifying+ Mask

  • Apply to clean dry skin
  • let sit for 10-20 minutes
  • peel off mask
  • massage in remaining serum


  • Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides: to renew
  • Aloe Vera: to hydrate
  • Chamomile and Honey: to hydrate and soothe
  • Chinese Licorice and Vitamin B: to detoxify
  • Ginger: to kill bacteria
  • Shiso Leaves: to prevent breakouts 
 photo from sephora.com

photo from sephora.com


  • Wet but doesn't drip
  • takes a minute to get situated on the skin
  • light clean citrus scent
  • feels fresh and cool on the skin but not a distinct cooling sensation
  • can be worn for 30 minutes


This mask feels great in warmer weather and the higher humidity that shows up for summer, the hydrating ingredients in here mean its a one and done so I don't have to multimask. After wearing the mask for 30 minutes *10 minutes longer than the packaging said* the serum was still very there. It did take a little time to massage in but once absorbed the skin feels really soft and plump. I followed this mask with 2 drops of the Kiehl's Midnight recovery concentrate and Centella Recovery Skin Salve, Caudalie vinosource riche moisturizer and bae the PTR sulfur spot treatment. 

Here's the mask on, skin imediatly after mask removal and post nightly routine with my new glasses! 

Next Morning: 

My skin was significantly less splotchy and very smooth. It def reduced the redness around the blemishes and the size of the zits all over my face. 10/10 would recommend.