Skin Salve Sailor Scout

While I was home visiting my parents in Texas I took advantage of the heat and humidity to explore my warmer weather skin care options. As you may have gathered my skin loves to freak out on me and it takes a lot of work to maintain. I've been looking for a new hydrating serum that has a lighter weight texture that won't disappear with the summer sweats. This is where the Kiehl's Centella Recovery Salve comes into play. This stuff is so bomb. It has a gel meets lotion texture that glides over the skin and absorbs so nicely. 

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What it is:

  • soothing moisturizer/ serum
  • for dry sensitive types
  • can be used day and night


  • Tiger Herb: to boost healing
  • Honey: for deep hydration
  • Aloe: to soothe


I will admit I enjoy it a little bit better at night as a serum or solo riding during the day. It has a slight medicinal scent to that dissipates very quickly. It does have a slightly tacky finish so its recommended you let it dry down on the skin before makeup or sunscreen application. 

 I have paired it with several different routines and I've noticed it does sting from time to time. I thought this was because I was using it after retinol etc. but it happens inconsistently and sporadically regardless of what other products are used. When it does sting it goes away by the time my moisturizer has been massaged in. 

This guy has really help to hydrate my skin without feeling heavy and I've noticed it tones down the redness around my blemishes and it helped to calm down some textured irritation I had on my forehead after traveling. I'm really excited to pair this with the Dr. Jart Cicapair moisturizer to see how many levels of soothe I can achieve!