Hey look at my Trash!

Okay so I did this thing where I hoarded my trash for three months so I could post about my empties, but then I got lazy and never posted. Therefore on this here day, on this here post I'm going to talk to you about all the empties I've had over the last 3 months!

First up we have November! These goodies had a cute lil photoshoot because It's honestly some of my favorite things! 

Good bye my sweet November babies! 

Good bye my sweet November babies! 

Drybar Prep Rally 

What it is: A detangling and heat protect hair prep mist

How long I had it: ??? but like 9 months probs

Feelings: I really enjoyed this! I used it before any of my leave in conditioners and it really helped detangle my hair. It is also a wonderful anti static spray

Repurchased: Not yet but I will! 

Sunday Riley Luna Oil

What it is: A night specific retinol oil treatment

How long I had it: 8.5 months with use 3-4 times a week

Feelings: *insert heart eyes emoji* this babe does it all! It has helped so so so much with my acne and texture and gives me great overall brightness.

Repurchased: YES! already using.

Too Faced BTS Mascara

What it is: Mascara

How long I had it: 3 months with regular use

Feelings: Officially my go to mascara. I will admit I love to top this off with other mascaras like the urban decay troublemaker

Repurchased: Yah. already using.

Ren Perfect Canvas Sample 

What it is: a serum primer that hydrates and smooths

How long I had it: 1 week used everyday

Feelings: Loved it! It did have a tacky finish that dissipated quickly and it really made my foundation last 

Repurchased: Yes, the full size!

Sephora Collection Micellar Water 

What it is: Micellar water

How long I had it: ??? like a year?

Feelings: So. Dang. Good. It is cheap and it works real nice. 

Repurchased: No because I'm trying some new ones out but I know it'll work if I ever need it! 

Indie Lee CoQ10 Toner 

What it is: a hydrating and soothing toner *sent from the gods above*

How long I had it: 5 days shy of 2 months with daily use

Feelings: I absolutely adore this toner. It is so soothing and hydrating and perfect. It is one of the few toners I have used that left me with actual feelings about it! 

Repurchased: Sadly no. I went through it so fast for the price that it is I cant justify a repurchase right now. 

Korres Golden Krocus Elixir 

What it is: A multi treatment serum

How long I had it: 5 month 10 days with daily sometimes twice daily use

Feelings: guys guys guys a found a holy grail product that is legitimately GOLD! It boosts absorption of everything put over it so it literally makes everything else work better! 

Repurchased: Yes forever and always

IGK Prenup 

What it is: a 60 second spray on in shower hair mask

How long I had it: ? probably about 8 uses

Feelings: Positive but not raving. I liked and it worked quickly but I already have so many other hair masks that it didn't really stand out for me. 

Repurchased: Kind of, a friend gave me theirs so you'll probably see it again in a future empties. 

Sephora Collection Rose Micellar Milk 

What it is: A creamy hydrating micellar water type cleaning milk

How long I had it: 10 month and 10 days with sporadic use

Feelings: I liked how hydrating this was, and its pink! I would use it as a quick morning cleanse or to take off lipstick mostly.

Repurchased: Kind of, I got the coconut one to try which is also a micellar milk. 


Next up we have my my December/ January empties. I really stuck to my regular products so some of these are stragglers I powered through and others are daily go tos.

Arriverderci cold weather cuties! 

Arriverderci cold weather cuties! 

Peach Slices Acne Spot Dots 

What it is: a blemish clearing sticker

How long I had it: ??? like 4 months. There are a set number of stickers which I used sporadically over a few months

Feelings: I really enjoyed these! I got them as an alternative to the PTR Zit stickers and these are way better for smaller or already messed with pimples. 

Repurchased: Yes/ no I purchased the Cosrx stickers instead off of amazon but they are very similar.

Belif Problem Solution Essence

What it is: a hydrating blemish clearing essence

How long I had it: 10 months, sporadic use at first with regular use towards the end

Feelings:  I really really really like this. Its soft and creamy on the skin but not heavy at all. I found it helped my skin stay hydrated during a breakout and keep it clear once the skin was tidied up. 

Repurchased: Yes! Im finishing up some other products before I crack the next one open. 

IGK Sold Out 

What it is: a curl enhancing, hydrating hair primer

How long I had it: 8 months with regular use

Feelings:  *Insert heart eyes emoji* This changed my hair game. It enhances my curls without weighing them down at all! I pair it with several other hair products and it makes all of them work better.

Repurchased: Yes, already using! 

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Balm

What it is: a heavy duty hydrating lip balm

How long I had it: no clue but this is actually I retire not an empty

Feelings: Not good. I know people are obsessed with this but it is not for me. I used it several times and every time I do without fail I get a giant lip zit. 

Repurchased: Nope.

Sunday Riley C.E.O. Moisturizer 

What it is: a vitamin c rich moisturizer

How long I had it: 3 months 5 days with once daily use

Feelings:  HOly GrAIL status! Literally cannot stop gushing about this babe. It left my skin soft and smooth and never congested.  

Repurchased: Sadly not yet, I'm trying to power through my stash at the moment, but I will be getting one soon. 

Makeup Forever Mist and Fix

What it is: a makeup setting spray

How long I had it: uhh like 8 months probably

Feelings:  Neither here nor there. I did like it more than the Smashbox but nothing to write home about.

Repurchased: Nah, I'm using another one from my stash at the moment. 

Glossier Boy Brow in Brown 

What it is: a tinted brow gel

How long I had it: opened for roughly 11 months with intermittent use. 

Feelings: I love the applicator brush and the level of hold but I don't think the shad is quite right. 

Repurchased: Yes but in clear so I can use it more frequently! 

YSL Touche Eclat 

What it is: a brightening kind of concealer pen

How long I had it: ??? too long

Feelings:  I liked it while I had it but honestly it ran out and I didn't even notice, whoopsie!

Repurchased: Nah. 

MUFE HD Foundation sample

What it is: a full coverage buildable foundation

How long I had it: about 1.5 months with sporadic use

Feelings:  I loved the texture but since it was a pre-made sample it wasn't quite my shade. 

Repurchased: No but I will probably sample it again in my shade. 


I know this is a lot but look how far you've made it! Is there anything you finished up that you're really excited about?