It's Actually Chilly

Hi Hello Welcome back. We have come to this place on this day to look at more stuff I put on my face. Specifically these are the things I use when it's v cold out and I need day time hydration but under foundation. With it officially being March it means that weather is going to be all over the place! When this happens, literally every spring in Chicago, I keep a lot of products in my rotation to layer and customize for the day ahead, but these cuties are my current favorite line up.


A few of these pieces have been staples in my routine for almost a year and a half and the others are products I like to mix and match with whatever is new! 


I use the Son & Park Beauty Water as a daytime cleanse. I find when the temperature drops using a rinse off cleanser, no matter how hydrating, tends to dry my skin out. I am legit on my third bottle of this I find it to be my miracle worker. It has really improved the way my makeup wears. This is one of those products I think I can live without, but within a week of finishing the bottle I'll always feel a difference in my skin and rush out to repurchase it. This step is to remove any residues from my night time routine. I use a ton of acids and resurfacers layered in with tons moisture so I need to do some sort of daytime cleanse. 

Son &Park Beauty Water:

What it is: a smoothing toner and cleansing water

What's in it: Papaya to smooth the skin and minimize pores, Green Tea which is full of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory, Rose Flower Water, Orange Fruit Extract and Lavender Water to provide intense hydration. 

How to use it: saturate a cotton pad and sweep gently over skin avoiding the eye area. 

Skin Food Royal HOney propolis essence:

What it is: a hydration essence

What's in it: Propolis Extract, Royal Jelly Extract and Honey Extract to deeply nourish and gently brighten 

How to use it: after cleansing and toning dispense into palm and press into the skin


I skip the toner in the morning because I'm not using a traditional cleanser but I make sure to always use an essence. I am currently powering through the Skin Food Royal Honey Propolis essence. I really enjoy the texture of this one, its viscous without being too thick. I like to make sure I'm using a hydration focused essence in the colder months because I feel it perfectly preps my skin. Its my first layer of hydration, and  it boosts absorption while keeping my skin plump.


This is where I tend to mix and match but I always use my REN Flash Hydro-Boost. I really enjoy activating it with facial mists versus just water. This precious lil hydrator leaves my skin silky soft and super hydrated. I never end up with a greasy or sticky finish when I use this serum. I am currently enjoying the Mario Badescu Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea facial mist to activate all its hydrating properties. Honestly I just love the way this one smells.  

Ren Flash Hydro-boost:

What it is: a water activated hydrating serum

What's in it: Hyaluronic acid to plump the skin, Xylitol to act as a humectant, and Ceramides to support the skin's moisture barrier

How to use it: smooth over skin, dampen fingers and massage until abosrbed

Mario Badescu Aloe, Cucumber and Green tea facial water:

What it is: a soothing facial mist

What's in it: Aloe and Cucumber to hydrate and Green Tea to protect

How to use it: mist on skin as needed

Herbivore Phoenix Oil:

What it is: a gorgeous cell renewal oil blend

What's in it: CoQ10 to boost natural collagen, Chia Seed Co2 to reduce fine lines and redness, and Sea Buckthorn Oil to soothe and hydrate

How to use it: 3-10 drops massaged into the skin or 2-4 drops mixed in with your moisturizer

Mario badescu honey moisturizer:

What it is: a light creamy moisturizer

What's in it: Honey to add glow and Peanut Oil to nourish and hydrate

How to use it: massage into skin avoiding eye area


This is where I like to have fun! Depending on the temperature I'll mix oil into my moisturizer. Im so beyond obsessed with the Herbivore Phoenix Oil. It is a stunning blend that melts into the skin without interfering with my makeup. I have been using the Mario Badescu Honey Moisturizer since October and it's been working so dang well. It blends with a few drops of oil beautifully and absorbs super quickly. I like to keep a lighter weight moisturizer on hand like this in the winter because I can cocktail it with oils and adjust it to whatever serums I use underneath. It forms that perfect barrier that locks everything into place without being super greasy, which is the ultimate goal for hydrating underneath foundation! 

So there you have it, thats what I slather on my face every morning before I do my makeup! I will say I use this general routine under any complexion product whether or not it's a bb cream or a full coverage foundation. When the weather gets colder I layer in more hydrating serums and when it's theoretically warmer out I skip the oil. What's your favorite winter skin serum?